Egypt Sherrod from HGTV's Flipping Virgins gets a Kitchen Makeover from Interiors by Abraham

Most homes now a days are in need of a makeover or remodel and homeowners don't realize that in the right hands of an Artisan, the Transformation can be Costly or Save them thousands. Interiors by Abraham was called to help his dear Friend on a project that would be featured on one of todays HOTTEST Shows on HGTV.


Egypt Sherrod from "Flipping Virgins" had a project where she was in a dilemma cause her home was already a beautiful home but she needed to customize and give her existing kitchen space a Makeover without the HIGH Cost. The kitchen was a Chestnut Brown Stain on Maple and blended to the floors with a bar area that drew your attention made of out sheetrock. It was such a focal point, that Abraham made sure the cosmetic enhancements would FINISH the space and give the bar a way to stand out on its own. Most Kitchen Design firms would suggest to rip out a kitchen like this and start from scratch costing TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars. Check out the Before.

The kitchen had a great layout with an open concept feel which is what most homeowners today are looking for in a kitchen space.


Abraham had suggested a good way to open up the space more is to lighten the cabinets. A painted finish is a great way to save and give an instant affordable makeover to kitchen cabinets. The sheetrock columns were so plain so Abraham had also suggested to wrap them in wood and add panels to the front and to the columns to make the bar more substantial. Abraham wanted to include the bar as part of the kitchen and it was good way give Grandeur to Mrs. Sherrod's space. Once the Bar was dressed with details, the kitchen was

now truly the heart of the home and had the elegance it was previously

lacking. Cabinets were then finished in Soft Chamois (one of my favorite whites) by Benjamin Moore to open and lighten up the heaviness of the wood in the kitchen. New beautiful Carrera Marble Tops, Bronze Hardware, Lighting Pendants and all the decorative accessories were added to make it feel warm and inviting. The attention to details gave this kitchen exactly what it needed to bring it to current times and a NEW LEASE ON LIFE. A custom Decorative Wooden Hood and Ceramic Subway Tile were a great inexpensive way top off Abraham's Design. Adding proper LED lighting can highlight the Designer elements of the Kitchen and give plenty of lighting for cooking and prepping. You can have a Designer Kitchen without sacrificing your budget or Design. Call Interiors by Abraham for all your Kitchen & Bath Makeover needs and Thank you to Egypt Sherrod for allowing Interiors by Abraham to create her dream kitchen. You can see the full published article and take a tour of Mrs. Sherrod' s Atlanta Home on Photography by Michael W. Eaton. For your Makeover consult, call to schedule your consultation with Owner/Artist Abraham Hernandez at (770) 565-6202

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